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A-50 -- One No-Copy HUD - Features List

A-50  5,000 L


PE00 - Artiste - Informational Notecards - RC4a
PE01 - Artiste - Books (21 Manuals) RC4 (BOX)
PE02 - Artiste - HUD-2-HUD Updater (BOX
PE04 - Artiste - Performance HUD RC4P v9.12f3 - NoCopy - (BOX)
PE07 - Artiste - Training Demo AddOns (BOX)
PE11 - Artiste - StageSight - v3.1 - RC3  (BOX)


Features List

1) Auto-Stripping
2) Auto-Adorning
3) Auto-Emoting
4) Auto-Sequencing (SequenceOnPlay)
5) Instant Pose
6) Instant Sequence Play using "S" button
7) HUD Minimize
8) Dance Caching
9) Manual: Sequence Start/Stop
10) Final Pose - (Now triggered by "A" button (for After)
11) Instant Initial Pose triggering - Triggered by 'F' button
12) Manual Adorn
13) Intellibooks, classes, one-on-ones, blog
14) Instant Direction-Facing, Absolute
15) Ability to remove just 1 of several layers or attachments on a body part
16) Ability to remove and add   layer or  attachments at same time, same event
17) No inventory window required to be open for doing costume stripping
18) Manual Item removal and Group-Item (i.e. shoes)  removal

18) Auto-Announcing - Can also use it to double no. of emotes from 12 to 24
19) Auto-FX - Full - External Control of Palette and other devices
24) SmartChange - Micro-Controlled outfit-change ordering
27) External Device Control thru custom channel
33) Costume Exclusions
34) Costume Anchors
35) Includes several free scripted rezzables: Silhouette Ball, Spotlight, Silly Ball, Long Box, Cylinder, Phone Booth, Changing Screen, Orb Glow
36) Customizable FX-Masked Costume Changing
37) Can avoid most (but not all) notecard configuring by using the HUD menu system.
38) Built-in Avatar Invisibility
39) Special Event Zero and event #21 for things you always do before and after a routine with pre-lead-times and post-delay times
40) Ability to strip without creating RLV folder (but does require RLV enabling)
41) Multiple AutoFXs per event allowed
42) Many functions have configurable lead, hold/on,  and delay time offsets
43) Send separate dance sequences to 4 definable dance groups (A,B,C and D) or 1,2,3,4
44) Use NickName for emotes,
45) Send Emotes to Relay device on special channel (for extending chat beyond 100 meters)
46) Direct Emotes to local chat or IM
48) Send commands region-wide
49) Auto-Teleport, Auto-Rebake, Auto-Tattoo Layering as part of SmartChange
50) Chooseable auto-animations for start and end of costume-change
51) Effects Spin
52) Effects Coloring
53) Selectable FX-Costume Masking time
54) HUD controllable via external Chat

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