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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Moon Over Bourbon Street

This was another routine that I had done before a long time ago and was never satisfied with what I did.
The original was performed way back in September 2012 at Orchid's Theater and it was only the second dance routine I had performed on stage.  I was particularly proud of the rooftop set as it was my first ever self build.  This was also the first ever outing for The Artiste in public!  I used the strip/adorn and emote function...adorning fans and my own little touch of the glowing orb to represent a spotlight...all cutting edge at the time.

Time moved on, maybe 18 months later, and The Artiste was running away with the amazing things it could do.  Yummy had already designed the prototype mover system which was very complex at the time and I started thinking about this routine and how I could have done it so much better.
After we filmed "Sisters" I started playing with it again, rebuilding the set and extending the stage at the front with the intention of "stepping out". By this time we had the palette moving system. Yummy found me one evening laying out prims on the stage to mark specific points and turns and we started talking about how useful this could be.
She then vanished to her workshop and started on developing what is now the palette marker system.
"Moon" got shelved again for a while as other things took priority but I never forgot about it and kept doing little bits.  Unfortunately RL intervened and I missed 2 chances to perform it live so we decided to just film it.  Thad has done an amazing job!

Technical bit:  
One mover palette all the way through, with a mixture of animations in the palette and in the dance sequence.  Everything else is pretty much standard.  Just goes to show how adding one mover can really bring a performance to life when used sparingly.  A little bit goes a long way :).
Emotes,Strip functions and adorn for the fans used obviously.
I finally feel that I managed to make something as close to real neo-burlesque as SL allows...well until next time ')  watch this space...
and until then..
watch the video!
Moon Over Bourbon Street


  1. Well done, Aura! This number has a great feel to it. Excellent song choice, lovely dances, and well-timed walks. You're right, less is more sometimes, especially when it comes to movers. Oh and in case I haven't voiced it before: Thad makes great videos!
    It was interesting to read about the evolution of this number. Usually I want to finish my numbers as soon as I can, but things like this have happened to me as well. For example, I still have a (Christmas themed) number from December 2012 that I have never performed... Well, I haven't worked on it since then either. I doubt it never gets beyond my inventory. Though now that I think about it, there are some things I could add to it using the Artiste and Palettes...

  2. Well you go for it girl! And I was more or less backing up what you said about movers...they ARE used too much and should be the accent, not the driving force of a routine. Thank you!

  3. Arik Metzger (arikthered) - Second LifeMarch 9, 2015 at 6:46 AM

    I still think Thaddeus needs to get his head out of that black hole!

    (Very nice production, Aura and Krewe)