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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Artiste Complex & Compound Rotations: Artiste Answers Its Second Challenge

See the Video >>> Artiste Complex Compound Rotations

I have had about 4 people in my ear recently over the topic of independent compound linked rotations 

So, I have added 2 simple new Palette instructions to help facilitate implementation of more interesting and challenging rotation scenarios

I don't claim this to be rocket-science from a scripting pov. Just an added convenience for performers..

The following video, first-half, shows the Artiste's rotation-while-moving ability first presented to the public at the Extravadanza Exodus event when I turned a 25-seat barge into a Palette.

Then in the second-half, I incorporated that feature (
rotation-while-moving) ability, first presented to the public at the Extravadanza Exodus event, into the new link-specific spin features. I show a side-view and an overhead-view so you can see the relationships.

In the video:
There are 4 linked prims linked to a root for total of 5 prims.
Each link is started and stopped independently
The half-dome spins around its Z axis
The rectable spins around itz Y axis
The cylinder spins around its X axis
The yellow blimp on top spins around X, Y, AND Z axis.
The root Palette slowly rotates around its Z axis while moving along a diagonal path.

A few things to note:
1 - You can control local axis of spin per link
2 - You can control speed of spin per link
3 - While spinning, the linked items ALSO rotate around the root-palettes chosen axis of rotation. You could look at it as local-spins combined with a global rotation.

4 - Each linked prim can be started independently
5 - Each linked prim can be stopped independently
6 - Not only are the linked prims rotating around their own axis and around the root prim axis but they are all moving along a path with the root while it is rotating.

7 - These actions are controlled via autofx from the Artiste Performance HUD.
8 - And yes, you could increase complexity by adding particles effects to the links

9 - The linked prims in the example are scriptless BUT...they could be Palettes in and of themselves and have their special abilities...almost 100 Palette features. (a few would conflict).. this would be where your creativity could come into play. Sky is the limit. 

And on a related note, the Artiste Thrower already has the ability to move while rotating that adds additional functionality in the way of gravity-based as well as target-based movement with rotation: as seen in this video: The Artiste Thrower

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