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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Introducing the Artiste Lights

 The purpose of lights as we see it, is to draw the viewers attention to a particular area of activity at specific times. They can help to confine the area of concentration and focus, signalling to the audience what and where they should be watching and when.

We have chosen to create our own custom lights from scratch for maximum control, although there is a particular set of brand lights that we can also control via the Artiste Performance HUD. There is now nothing that the brand-name lights do that our custom lights cannot do.

Our lights, like most of the assets introduced, are the result of Palette transformation. You can think of a Palette as a transformer toy that can change into different functional creative performer tools and toys.

Because a light is a Palette, it benefits from being able to combine with many of the other features of a Palette limited only by your imagination

The following 7-minute video demonstrates some of the things you can do with our custom lights. Not included in the demo but definitely possible is the ability to raise and lower the lights or hide and show the whole light or fade the whole light in and out.

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