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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introducing the Artiste Texturer and Animated Texturer

This video demonstrates the texturing abilities of the Artiste Palette. These are action-features #2 and #64

You can turn anything into a bacis Palette that has mod permissions by dropping in the 6 key scripts and 3 specific notecards.

You can give a Palette texturing abilities by simply enabling. the Textureable ability, set applicable parameter values on a notecard, and issue the commands to start (or stop) the animation via AutoFX from the HUD or from the Palette menu for quick testing.

Texture applies any texture that you own by UUID or Name. You can apply the texture to a particular side or all sides of the Palette.

AnimatedTexture causes the texture to animate.

We have extended the normal abilities of texture-animation to include:
 1) number of times you want an animation to run OR 
 2) time in seconds that you want it to run.

You can dynamically change the animated texture by setting new parameter values, re-texturing, and restarting the new animation

As with Palette traits, you can combine texturing with other Palette features.

So yes, you could:

  • "throw" (or move) an animated-texture while 
  • "rotating" it, 
  • "tipping" it, 
  • "beating" it, 
  • cause it to emit particles,  AND having this severely combined Palette ALSO 
  • spot-follow a moving  object or avatar, ALL simultaneously, as an extreme example.

Please note that note-card settings you create are transactional "assets" that you own because they can be protected by changing the notecard permissions. So with Palettes, you can:

1) Share
2) Give Away
3) Trade
4) Sell
5) Buy

One of the advantages to this composite method of providing all action-features in all Palettes is that you don't have to hunt your inventory or search vendors for a special script to perform tasks.  I have enabled 95% of the functionality I've witnessed thru all the shows I have attended. 

Since almost all 'cool stuff' seen in performances is enacted via scripting in some manner, it is easy to identify what I call Performance Primitives and thru these primitives, recreate nearly anything you have seen done in shows as well as moving way beyond what you have seen, by simply exposing nearly all of the Linden Lab's scripting engine capabilities to you the performer via notecards.

Also, having everything present, reduces the effort involved in trying new combinations. 

Also, by having them ever-present, they remind you of what other things you can do and as such contribute to 'inspiration'.

And you now have the ability to tweak because they are designed to tweak allowing you to add your own unique mark on your creations.

Coming up next...the Artiste Set Rezzer


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