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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Watch the Video ==> Chandelier


After taking several of Yummy's Artiste classes, I was looking to try my hand at some new things.  

I had just seen a show where people entered the stage by dropping down from vines, and I thought it would have been a tad better if they had been able to actually swing from the vines.  

Later, I was listening to my iPod and Sia's 'Chandelier' came on.  

As I was singing along loudly (and probably off-key), it suddenly occurred to me that I might be able to swing from a chandelier.  

I talked to Yummy about the idea, and several weeks later, we had a working, swinging chandelier.  

The sit-2-sit function of the Artiste made the transition from floor to chandelier and back to floor easy.  

It's a minimalistic routine, but I am very proud of it. 

By Kat Feldragonne


I (Yummy), wanted to add that this is a new area of avatar movement (added to  animations, movers, relocation(Sit-2-Sit)) where a few of our Artistas have shown interest in "moving an avatar thru space freely" as part of a "takeoff, gravity-based-freefall, land" movement-combo.

We are in the early stages of exploring this popular phenomena. Kat has done an excellent job of starting the ball rolling by imagining and then implementing her own solution to downward movement. lilangles has also sparked a new line-of-thought and approach towards downward movement that was a catalyst for the applicability of link-control as a key component. Aura has explored and implemented upwards and backwards movements. Nancy has added an artistic component to avatar-relocation.

Anyway, the key issues at hand are: 

a) Control (Start/Stop)
b) Timing (Accuracy and Dependability)
c) Association with other events and actions to provide context and meaning

d) Gravity-based-freefall (inertia)

They now have a few Artiste tools that address this issue worthy of further exploration: 

1) The Artiste Sit-2-Sit
2) The Artiste Swing
2) The Artiste Thrower
3) The Artiste Mover
4) The Artiste "Action"
5) and the new Artiste Link-Control


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