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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Introducing - the Artiste Particle Emitter and more Set Rezzer - Masked Set-Swapping

Well by now you've seen the Artiste Palette configured to be a particle emitter alone (State of Shock video) as well as in conjunction with it being configured as a mover (The Sacrifice video). Particles are all the rage. Of course we will not only provide for them but make it enticing by offering 999L value popular particular configuration generator to aid in your creative process. We feel it is such a paramount part of any suite that dares to call itself 'comprehensive'.

I have at least 2 generators, both called Particle Studio, but by different creators.  This one I am recommending has a friendly dynamic user interface. And, you can easily copy its output to 2 different places. 

1) Copy its export into our Artiste Particles script, as is, and then configure it to run as a Palette-initiated-script...or 
2) copy its exported output into our *specialfx nc. It just so happens to work with the exception of when you want it to 'follow' something or someone. Very easy to make the minor adjustments to add that extra ability.

Here is the Particle generator used in the demo video. [ Particle Studio HD ] Particle Generator Hud Version 2.3. SO of course the advantage of a particle generator is that  you can easily create your own particles. You can also import existing configurations and modify them.

It is again important to state the importance of the Artistes ability to start and stop in conjunction with other HUD functions and Palette action-features. The following exemplifies the Artiste Particle Emitter and Set-Rezzer's ability to this case with each other. This particular sync is built in and tightly integrates the SwapAB function (exchange of transparencies between 2 sets) of the Artiste SetRezzer with the emission of particles to mask a set-change. Having this automated removes yet one more thing you have to remember to do during a show.

This is another attempt to help enable those new to burlesque and special-show-based-synchronizations without relying on others for help. 

I am such a novice at creating, well anything really, except scripting. So this particle example is simply a cloud that I toyed with until I could get it to a size and shape to mask my little dinette set.

If Particles is "on" on the *particles nc, then a particle mask will automatically be generated to the named-palette when the Artiste MasterRezzer receive a SwapAB command from the Artiste Performance HUD. 

You can also trigger several Palette-Emitters if named the same. You can also stack emitters and get combined effects. 

Now a nice added plus of the Artiste is that you can combine an emitter-configured Palette with other Palette action-features like the Palette as a mover as well. What if you rotate (the particle source) an already rotating particle emission. Or how about 'throwing the particle-emitting-palette end over end or frisbee style? Who will be the 1st to try something crazy like that? How about a stack of emitters that shatter? Which 150 or combo of 150 features will you conjoin with particle emission? (Ok not all 150 will be practical to combine but enough to send  you off into new directions, never to return any time soon).

Watch the video: 

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  1. I wanted to add a 5th way to generate particles that I had all but forgotten about. Its FREE.
    In Firestorm Viewer, rez a block, edit it, then go into Build==>Object==>Edit Particles. Here is the link to the help page: