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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Introducing - Artiste Set Rezzer - Other Unique Features (Part 5 of 5)

Those of you who are experienced scrutinize new developments with a very analytic gaze as you carefully weigh the pros and cons.

How much time will I have to invest before it will see a benefit? 
Is it worth the time it takes to learn it and come up to speed? 
Is it worth the cost
Is it that much better than what I already have and use? 
How much of the new gizmos will I actually use
Do I feel its easy to understand, learn, use, and reuse? 
Will make enough of an impact as as a labor saving device?
Is the added extra effort of setting it up and using it worth it? 
Will I get the support I need, when I need it?
Will it truly work as advertised
Will it perform consistently to expectations? 
Who do I know, that I trust, also uses it? 
How are the training materials? 

Well its easy to get into a mindset of "I have to impress my peers...the staunchest of the staunch". The most stringent and hardened users. 

BUT...there is also a "place" for someone just starting out who is looking for an all-in-one solution who is too shy to ask others 'How they did a certain technique", 'Where can i get that', 'How do i use it". Those questions can become daunting and fearful to someone new who doesn't want to seem a pest. Many cool tools require that you have already committed to it before you can either try it to determine if its what you want or attend classes to learn of its capabilities. 

There is also a "place" for someone daunted and overwhelmed by a fair number of HUDS and inventory windows and other screen-occupying devices as well as the number of things they must remember to do and click on at the right time and the right order during showtime. For them, we feel that the Artiste Suite of products provides a viable alternative

This 5th of and final demo of the series demonstrates a few more note-worthy features, though not all, of the Artiste Set Rezzer's capabilities.

1 - It demonstrates the value and use of variable and adjustable fade times.

2 - It demonstrates variable and adjustable minimum and maximum transparencies.

3 - And highlights the benefit of including movers and Palettes into your set rezzer as they are scripted to become aware of each other.

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