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Friday, October 3, 2014

Introducing the Artiste Sit-2-Sit - Animation ReCentering

Here is a link,  Animation Centerpoint  to a previous discussion on the animation "centerpoint" from the Dance Queens blog by Nottoo Wise to provide some background and context. 

Sit-2-Sit is the term that's come to describe another of the many features of the Artiste Palette. It was an idea I had always had in the back of my mind to add but figured it wouldn't have any pressing demand for use, so I put it on the back burner. I was wrong. Two of the Artiste Release Candidate users asked for it's specific ability so I advanced its development.

 Its primary use is to add flexibility to Palette usage by being able to detach from one Palette and reattach to a different Palette, changing a sitting avatars range of functionality.

What I present now is another interesting application, that of animation re-centering. This problem-solving mechanism can be applied to couples dances as well as singles dances or both at the same time. 

It also extends the range and application of starting animations in the middle because it provides more choices in where to make your match at by removing the restriction of matching centerpoints. 

But I strongly suggest that when using either of these new methodologies, that you proceed frugally and wisely and consider  using them to fill a pressing need as opposed to 'looking for places and ways to use them'. I am not sure that using them a lot will be worth the added extra effort that it takes to: 1) setup and test and 2) refine the timing necessary to 'sell' the trick.

You can see, well you can't really see it cause it was executed without any noticeable glitch, but in the video State of Shock, Aura and myself, use it to detach from one Palette and reattach to another, (4 Palettes involved) extending her abilities to do something different partway thru.

And another live-show use by Nancy Toocool:

" Nancy Toocool: Hmm... I used it to make a smooth transition from a piece of props to the "regular" ground (meaning dancing on the stage and not on any specific object). It would have been impossible to do that without the sit-2-sit function, it would have meant that I would have first jumped off the initial object and then hopped back on the palette I used as a mover (which would have look horrendous)"

I'd like to reiterate that it takes a systems approach to apply Sit-2-Sit so it requires full understanding of the whole system as do most of the Palette features.

The parts necessary to pull off this demoed solution are:

1) events notecard - establish offset timings
2) dance sequencing notecard - list dances
3) autofx - send commands to Palettes at right timings
4) main configuration notecard
5) Palette notecards -  move instructions

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