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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Artiste Answers a Dare

Every now and then I get questions proposed that take on the form of a dare.

I got asked the question twice by the same person so I figured it is important to them. Can the Artiste walk an avatar in a  perfect circle?

Better to show them than to just answer "yes" I guess cause I did answer "yes" but they asked me again. Well I said "I thought it could" so maybe that's not a solid yes. At the time they were asking me if I could improve on another vendor's solution.

Well here is how I would do it using the Artiste.

Also as long as I had the setup, I chose to experiment a bit with the AutoCam and shot this quick little video. I plan for much better demos of AutoCamming in the future but was fun to take a jab at it to insure I would walk the talk.

So much is going on so i am prioritizing whats best for the current and future Artistas at the present time

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  1. yes its very important! cuz right now there isnt one that can do it without having to do a shit load of tedious time consuming work!!