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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Artiste Mover System - Turns

Artiste has many approaches to turning and rotating . So many in fact that there is now a manual devoted just to turns so you can quickly find, review, and compare the available choices.

BK27 - The Artiste - Book - Turns & Rotations  - v1.0


A turn when talking about movers is a type of move and has its own entry line in the *moves nc.

Example:   M99_Z_01,5.000000,Turn,-70.000510,none,0

A cool unique thing about Artiste turns is that they have their own DURATION and can have their own ANIMATION.  Turn-animation has more significance when building an avatar-mover.

Artiste turns are smooth and contiguous and are NOT made up of discreet parts.

If you turn a Palette without also moving it then you can DumpMoves button on the Palette menu will now calculate a turn-entry instead of a move-entry. This is an improvement over the old way of having to type the turn entry in from scratch.

Let's try it with our flying saucer.

We will move, turn, move, turn.

I added a red dome and linked it to the saucer so that the turn will be more evident.

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