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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Artiste Compound Creations #101 Class - Making an Explosion From Scratch

The Artiste Suite does a lot of cool things right out of the box. Much of its marvel is lost on the general public who often sees little pizzaz over routines they are used to seeing. However, if you are a performer the benefits are night and day. It was told to me recently, and I am paraphrasing, "With product xyz I wouldn't even have thought of trying this".

Could you do 'these things' with other products? In all fairness I'd wager to say 'yes'... with some hoop jumping. Its just not germane to their design. Not their primary focus. They allow for it. You just have to do the heavy lifting and go out and acquire the needed special ingredients.

What I had been foreseeing as the Artistes badge of honor is not what the it does out of the box but what it can do when one applies their own imagination and ingenuity.

 An example is the Artiste Thrower. It started out as a means to toss a hat onto a rack. What I forced myself to do was to push the concept of throwing to encompass different types of extended throwing behavior. With the exception of the boomerang and ricochet, it doesn't manifest itself out of the box to do any of the special adaptions I created, like carom and matrix, for example. You have to combine parameters and notecard settings and do those feats in a certain order and within certain proximities. Thats 'added value' that has its roots based in a solid 'original idea'. Art, of which dance is a type, is a means to convey something inside of us we feel is unique and worthy of externalizing. It is a manifestation an 'interior' into an 'exterior'.

So I want to propose a project that Artiste-Owners can opt to take part in. That of combining Artiste features to create a new composite feature.  We will attempt to create the Artiste Explosion. I will be holding a class on the weekend of Jan 17th-18th. Probably that Sunday 1pm (18th).

Its a thought process of seeing what ingredients the Artiste offers that could go into making an explosion. Each participant will make their own using their own choice of ingredients. We will go thru the various choices and you will decide which ones you want. Then I will guide you as to how to put them together. 

What you will come away with is a template which you can use in the future when you need an explosion along with the know-how to change its behavior and characteristics for a given situation. The Artiste Palette has all the primitives. Its a matter of which you choose and how you choose to mix them: particle-creations, palette-feature-choices, autofx-triggering-order, interval-timing, overlapping, measures, etc.. 

It will start out as a brainstorming session as we discuss ideas and approaches and then I will demonstrate "Palette primitives" that could be used. If you are jazzed about this idea, I suggest you examine explosions and enumerate what to you are identifying chacharacteristics that will arm you with talking points and ideas. (i.e. timer, fuse, attack, velocity, velocity-variations, rotations, directions, flash, flame, fire, smoke, color-change, sparks, mushroom clouds, dust, streamers, debris, blow-back, multiple-mini-explosions, collapsibles, damage, topples etc). Then we will start building it from the ground up.

The completion of the project will take place over many meetings. Don't expect to have an acceptable working explosion after the first class.

Also, its a thinking exercise more than doing. It's not so important that you create a successful working explosion but that you go thru the 'mental gymnastics' of thinking about it within the framework of the Artiste Suite. This is an exercise you can recall for future needs when you want to 'create something that doesn't exist out of the box' of which I hope there will be many more to come.


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