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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Summary of the Introduction to The Artiste posted

I have posted a summary of what was taught in our introduction class,
"Introduction to the Artiste". This is for those who have taken it to reinforce or untangle what was taught or what I thought I taught. And its a chance for those who missed he class to not feel they are left out in the dark and at a disadvantage.

Also a word on minimum event times. A lot of confusion exists between event time minimums.

Both of the examples #1 and #2  below will throw an error IF you have AutoStrip or AutoEmote or AutoAnnounce enabled. I could say to NEVER use a 1 second interval just to be safe, but that wouldn't be true in all cases.

Example #1:


Example #2:


So to be safe, a good habit is to have at least 2 seconds between events as below in 3 and #4.

Example #3:
Example #4:

Now that's a good start, but the true rule is this: the smallest interval between events must be greater than the largest lead or delay time. The good thing about this rule is that: its so easy to violate that you will get a warning message upon HUD-Reset. I put a check in.


The smallest interval is between event #3 and event #4  (28-25=3) three seconds.

Lets say you had these 4 lines in your *config



You would get an error upon HUD reset telling you that things are unlikely to work like you expect them to because of the AutoEmoteLeadTime,3 (the largest lead/delay time) is not less than the smallest interval.
So to fix this error you must either make AutoEmoteLeadTime,2 or 3,"Event-3",25 changed to 3,"Event-3",24  or 4,"Event-4",28 to at least 4,"Event-4",29

Either change will make the smallest interval 4 which is greater than the largest lead time (3) in your config. Yeah I know...its tricky.

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