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Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing the Artiste Consult

I got brainstorm and initial enthusiastic support. I will be offering FREE, for a limited time,...Artiste Consults.

How it works is you get an idea for a routine: song, set, animations, costume. Then schedule a consult with me to see how the myriad of apparent and not-so-apparent features of the Artiste Suite could be applied alone and/or in conjunction with on another to help reinvent and present your routine from a different perspective,...if that's what you want.  I will try to present you with viable options and then even help you implement them. No, I have no idea of the results due to the number of variables, but it will be a fun adventure. Nothing to lose but time invested.

Sometimes the results may may "pop" it, other times it might be subtle, and other times it may not be apparent at all to the viewer but very obvious to you with regards to ease in multi-tasking, scheduling, and timing.

Who knows its abilities better than me? Its a lot to comprehend. Most of its features have never been used and you are unlikely to use something you may not understand as to what it is, what it does, why you would use it, or how or even when. Almost every current user has found themselves in a 'rut'. Comfortable in the few things they know it can do and have gotten it to do. I will try and help to clear some of the brush, fog, and cobwebs away.

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