Friday, May 8, 2015

Philip Rosendale "Catches" Yummy In the Act

I was checking out Hi Fidelity, Philip Rosendale's (creator of Second Life) new Virtual Reality platform and was taken aback to see him use, of all things, an implementation of a throw-and-catch in one of his promotional videos.  Of all the things he could have demonstrated, and it was the only thing demonstrated in that video...well suffice it to say I was amused and felt a bit surreal to be honest. Ok so my 1.5 seconds of faked-fame is over. Million to 1 he's  never even heard of Yummy but its fun to pretend for a split-second and give rise to reason for mentioning my name and his in the same sentence.

See his video ==> 

I think he was just trying to show me up based upon the video I did.

See my video ==>

On a more serious note, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, he is only worth 17.5 billion, Google Ventures, and Second Life even, just to name a few, have invested heavily in Philips latest venture, Hi Fidelity. I came across Hi Fidelity because someone rumored that SL2 would end up merging with HiFi. I don't think it will, personally, but I am not ruling it out.

Here is an introduction video sneak peak of his new VR platform in Alpha. Oh and you can try out the ALPHA for free now and all the stuff on their Marketplace is FREE. There are 38 regions currently up so is suspect maybe land is FREE now too. Its an interesting platform...unfair to judge it too harshly in its early stages.

See the Video ==>