02 - Purpose of the Artiste Performance Suite

The purpose of the Artiste Features Set is to ease, automate, and augment the telling of a story through dance or theatrical performance.There are many ways to do this.

My personal focus is on making animations become more alive by working inside of them

I like to time things to happen at different points-of-time in an animation to make it appear as if the animation was intended to involve the Artiste Feature or Features I have applied to it
1) timing, and
2) alignment.

That's it!

 That has been and seems to continue to be my personal obsession. But of course this is just one of many possible fascinations with the myriad of features. Its time consuming and always involves  finding the right animation(s), a lot of trial-and-error, and adjusting x,y,z positioning and timings in tenths-of-a-second. Not fun for everyone, I admit.

So the question to ask yourself is: "Can I imagine the use of any single or combination of multiple features that the Artiste provides, helping me  to tell my performance, be it a burlesque routine or full-on production or something else?"

Each feature can be 'worked' and it 'working' a feature is where you begin to take ownership and personal pride in creativity by extending and expanding the core of the feature. I have taken just 1, albeit the most advanced, feature of the Artiste Suite (the 'thrower') and 'worked it' to show you can be done with almost any of the 150 features.

You can work a feature by starting out sitting down and brainstorming the feature in your mind and then by adding:

1) notecard parameter experimentation
2) feature combining
3) contraptioning a feature

to actualize your brainstorming.

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