Monday, October 21, 2019

Stripping with BOM

It occured to me when the BOM enabled Firestorm was released that the "strip" function of The Artiste might once again be viable.  I've been testing it out this weekend and you can see my results in the video HERE:

As I say, the stripping of attachments has never been an issue as it still works perfectly, but the change-over to mesh bodies was a disaster as far as stripping went.   Are we all still stripping out there with Applier HUDs or have you given up?   Whipping your mesh bra off might have worked, but managing to take off a mesh corset and then having to use your body hud to make sure you didn't look like an Ex-magicians assistant was tricky...even with auto-hide.

I'm no expert on BOM by any stretch.  I didnt even try it until this weekend.  I watched my husband having a go on his avatar last week and decided to give it a shot.  Hopefully, by the time everyone has the BOM enabled viewer we might have started to move forward.  Remember when Bento mesh hands came in?  Everyone wanted to use them but to people who didnt have the Bento viewer you looked like a replicator from Stargate Atlantis.   Possibly there will be a work around but we will have to see.

If you are interested in Bakes on Mesh, take a look at this blog from Skell,  who is a great photographer and quite good at explaining things!

Its one of the better articles I have found.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Strutting the Catwalk

Yummy and I have had many conversations about uses for The Artiste outside of dance, and often talked about fashion shows.

Well I finally did it :p

Check out the video here

No Sliding...smooth locomotions and turns.  All done with one palette - once you have your measurements in place all you have to do is change the animations :)