Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Do you get Frustrated Trying to Use The Artiste?

Yummy and I have tried many times to emphasise that learning to use The Artiste is a learning curve.  
I know that it seems at times to be a very steep one, but the truth is it isn't.  It is just  a very long series of baby steps.   Learning to walk means falling over a lot.  I say this as someone who has spent four years learning the basics and then moved slowly through the pathways...and I still haven't mastered it!  in fact there are some of you out there who know more about certain aspects than I do now, and all kudos to you.   

I want to offer this video link to you.  I have never come across anyone explaining so clearly (and amusingly at times) how learning something works.  I think it fits exactly what we have been trying to explain to you, things like how important it is to have a firm foundation of the basics.   Please, please do watch it and let us know below if it has been useful to you :)   

Keep on using The Artiste to create Awesomeness!