01 - What is the Artiste Performance HUD?

What is the Artiste?

It is a suite of products custom tailored to suit the needs of the solo burlesque and cabaret performer as well as dance groups. Its flagship is the Artiste Performance HUD. It controls all the other parts of the suite.

It is a HUD you wear that you can start and stop a mixture of sequenced functions planned to occur at specific times(events) or at offsets to specific times. Its strength comes from combining functions to occur close enough in relationship to each other that their mere association tells a mini-story.

 Examples of these functions are: dancing, moving, formations, set-rezzing, emoting, stripping, outfit-change, auto-camming, to name a few.

 The HUD can also trigger activities not directly tied to the avatar by triggering behaviors in Palettes which are extension-objects controlled by the HUD like: throwing, moving, particle-emission, lighting, fading, rotation, to name a few.

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