05 - Action-Features

There are about 70+ action-features available for a Palette.

What makes these action-features different than, say, a special-purpose scripted object you might purchase to do a single function such as a fader script, as an example?

Defining traits of action-features are:

1 - Triggerable - All action-features be started when you want to from the Artiste Performance HUD. (NOTE: They can also be triggered from other Palettes when needing to control a sequence ordering).

2 - Configurable - Most of the action-features have one or more notecard-driven parameters that are customizable and can change the characteristics of the Palette behavior.

3 - Combinable - You have the ability to experiment with the combining of most of the action-features with each other. This is because all of the features are always there and ready to combine with each other.

4 - Synchable - All of the action-features triggering can be synched up with HUD functions an other Palette action-features and to happen simultaneously or be offset using lead and delay latency to an accuracy of one-tenth of a second to create associations as well as cause-and-effects.

5 - On-Off-able - All of the action-features can also be turned on or off at specific points in time that you choose such that the point in time can have meaning and association.

6 - Cause and Effect - By juxtaposing 2 action-features appropriately in time and space, you can tell a mini-story or advance a larger story by simulating a cause and effect.

No need to hunt in your inventory for that special scripted device.
No need to worry if it will work with your other devices.
No need to worry about not having permission to execute it externally and non-manually.

Trigger it when you want. No having to have it "always on" before you really want it on.

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