04 - What is a Palette?

What is a Palette?

It is a parameterized object that is scripted and can be triggered
to behave, but only from the Artiste Performance HUD. Parameterized means
that it has note-cards whose values identify the behavior of the Palette when triggered. Palettes can also trigger other Palettes to behave. Its behaviors we call 'actions'. Our Palettes have about 75 actions.

A Palette can sometimes be thought of as a mini-HUD (its not a hud) because it can have a number of its own events we call 'moves' that are timed to initiate, similar to events firing in the HUD, when commanded by the Artiste Performance HUD and can have an associated 'action' itself. Moves usually tell the object, or avatar if one is seated on it, to move a certain way over time but you can also dictate that a Palette action occur inside of a move.

A move in itself, is just 1 of the 75 types of actions that can occur.
What differentiates our scripted Palette from other scripted devices you might run across or have used is that the Palette can exhibit multiple behaviors  simultaneously, allowing for creative opportunities, thru experimentation, that become your unique assets.

A Palette is considered an "active object" because it contains several scripts and can exhibit simultaneous behaviors.

What is a Contraption?

It is any "almost always invisible" device used to facilitate an illusion.
In the case of the Artiste, it is "almost always unscripted" and usually single prim. Its mere existence and placement or alignment helps Palettes complete their magical tasks.

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