08 - Support and Training

Teaching you how to use the product is as important as the quality and value of the product itself. If the product is the  greatest thing since sliced bread but we somehow failed to teach you how to use it, then the end result is the same as having a bad product. In either case, it won't get used.

So with that said, we have gone to great lengths to document the product and re-document it and re-document it some more as well as attempt to provide a comprehensive methodology towards conveying information as well as enabling you to become proficient with the product.

We have chosen to use IntelliBooks instead of raw text as the primary source. In addition to the manuals:
  1. We offer 17 course IntelliBook manuals
  2. We have added table-of-contents to the back of some manuals to make it easier to find what you are looking for. 
  3. We've added illustrations where we think it is helpful. 
  4. We've tried not to assume that you know too much. 
  5. We have provided demo videos to give you an idea of how things might be used and sometimes a glimpse behind the scenes of how we accomplish it
  6. We offer unlimited one-on-one support. The most important time to ask questions is on !!!DAY-ONE!!! when you 1st start using it. Its when you will form opinions and know the least about it and will need the most help. Ask help early. Don't feel 'stupid' about anything you don't know that you feel you should know.
  7. We will give classes when we have more than 1 person needing training.
  8. We will be creating how-to-videos, as time permits, to address to sheer volume and intricacy of the system.
  9. We have a support group where you can ask and share information
  10. We have an active blog where you can find: general info, helpful reviews, show-videos, demo-videos, discussions, etc.
  11. If we are not convinced...that you are convinced that you can become proficient with it, then we won't sell it to you! As simple as that.

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