Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Artiste SmartDancer - Formations, Canons, Junes, and the Artiste Weave

I was asked  how the Artiste Weave was accomplished.  It uses 3 TurnIns with a HALF grouping. Probably means nothing if you are not a user 

See the video -->> The Artiste Weave - SmartDancer

It was discovered by accident and seems to require a wide-reaching animation.

This quick and dirty routine exemplifies Order to Chaos to Order

This video is very, very basic as far as Canons go.  I have a whole article on Canons on our website but essentially it allows dancers (in this case animesh) to Solo dance/and or turn.  This example they solo the same dance as the backing routine BUT they use turns which gives them a wider separation of the backing line.  

The newest version of the SmartDancer has a built-in sequencer meaning that it can run standalone without the need for the Artiste Performance HUD. People asked for timed animations, a log, and ability to solo. All of those are in. Even have a snapshot ability.

All features can be experimented at design time just by pressing buttons. Then you can create a sequence nc for repeated automatic performance. Just about every value can be changed on the fly for extreme experimentation.  The permutations are endless.