Review of the Artiste HUD - FULL Version - Pre-SILVER

The following is my experience with the Artiste Performer HUD:

I want to start off this testimonial with a little background on myself. I'm the owner of MJ's Burlesque Review, and known for having very exacting standards. I do not endorse things for friends, money or even death threats, so this is a first. I'm very honest and will give a truthful review of my experience with the Artiste.

I was given the Artiste almost a year ago to try out, during that time I reported any issues, and not only shared my feelings but made suggestions on things that may help improve the hud.

At my club there is no huge support crew, just performers so I do many things myself, like running the stream. Some acts I would have as many as four or five huds running at any given time, so the Artiste really got me excited. At the most now I use two, on very rare occasions three.

I'll not lie, the learning curve was difficult at first, but after say two shows I was getting on fairly well. This was an entirely different way of doing things, unlike any of the other dance huds I had used in the past.

One of the many lovely things about this hud is that it talks to other scripts seamlessly, at least it has for me thus far. I have also noticed that I don't have the lag issues I had with some of the other huds. 

Costume changes are a breeze and the menus are so easy to navigate. I have reached a point where I would have (a) tantrum if I had to go back to the standard huds, i'll sum it up like this. When I first started performing, this is what I had expected the dance huds to be like.

MJ, of MJ's Burlesque Review

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