Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sisters - Introducing our AvatarMover

The Sisters video was done using our latest of 6+ different ways of "moving" an avatar. This method was a daunting task, a real undertaking, as it was developed from the ground up,  interacting with the performer every step of the way.

 Our Battle video used another earlier streamlined method of "moving" ..this time just an object" (which could have included moving a seated avatar).

Here is a link to the Sisters video:


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  1. This was such a fun project to work on. We already had the set and I knew that I wouldnt rest until we had the walk down the stairs with one of us coming from each side. It turned out to be a great development project as well, stretching the capabilities of the mover even further as we explored the possibilities. As someone who looks at movement very closely it was heaven sent to be able to execute an animated turn at the top of the stairs with such a flourish. It also gave me a sense of pride that I could edit the movement vectors to make adjustments. Once the movements were in place it was a matter of choreographing the rest of the song. Thanks to the speedy editing capabilities with the sequencer I made short work of that, once I had found the right animations.

    The choice of the song for the routine was just so obvious and when I heard this particular version it just fell into place. Yummy and I have spent so long working together it sometimes feels like we have the closeness of sisters so it was my little tribute to her...I can't think of anyone else I would have had dancing at my side :)