Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mj's Burlesque Review of the Artiste Performance HUD - GOLD Version - Live Show

I did my first act using the new gold version of the Artiste, making use of the palette system for the first time as well. The palette is like a mover but has a smoothness and control that is not available elsewhere. Not only does it move you smoothly and precisely, you can use it for fades, mist and lights just to name a few of this performance huds amazing features. This is truly the first hud made with the serious performer in mind. I started out using one of the earlier versions of the Artiste and it freed me from using as many as 5 huds for one act. In the past I was so frustrated working on a walk and a few stops and starts on the catwalk for 30 minutes only to have it jerk and lag during a performance. I'm so happy to at last have my moves look like they do when I created them. The gold version has all of the things I have ever wanted in a hud and so much more. You would be hard pressed to out grow this hud.


Mj's Burlesque Review

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