Friday, August 22, 2014

Introducing the Artiste Oscillating Beater

I have received positive feedback and encouragement from the first demo video on the Thrower. I will continue to provide more demo videos to help describe what the Artiste Performance Suite is all about.  It was always the plan.

Many people say they need visuals. That's how they 'get it'. I guess if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a video must be worth a million words.

This new video demonstrates some of the capabilities of yet another one of the Palettes action-features. While this video doesn't match up in glamour and polish to the Thrower video, it does highlight what makes all of the action-features special. It also introduces another action-feature, the "FlashOnce" action-feature used to depict lightning. Next to the demo-video name in parenthesis is the action-feature number(s).

The key points to take away from this video are the advantages that the Palette-based solution has over single-purpose off-the-shelf solutions we have become accustomed to.

1) Customizable/Configurable - most Off-The-Shelf (OTS) don't allow you to change the characteristics or behavior. No way to adjust speed, color, size, etc. Most all of the Palette action-features are customizable giving you flexibility to add uniqueness to your creations that we call Palette assets.

2) Triggerable - most OTS don't allow you to 'start' them from chat. You have to manually trigger them to start their behavior. All Palettes are triggerable from the Artiste Performance HUD

3) Combinable/Compounding - Palettes, by their very nature, allow you to combine most action-features with other action-features, extending your abilities to be unique and creative and provide true ownership and asset-value.

4) Synchable - Because Palettes are triggered by the Artiste Performance HUD (and can also be triggered by other Palettes), you can synch them to start
a) with the same Palette but other action-features, or
b) other Palette action-features, or
c) HUD functions or
d) combinations of all 3.

5) On-Off-able - You also have the ability to turn OFF action-features as easily as you turn them on. And you can repeat this process as needed. Many OTS have no 'off' capabilities.

6) Cause-and-Effect - Because you can associate 2 different action-feature Palettes by manipulating their time and/or spacial characteristics, you can create cause-and-effect mini-stories inside of a performance to help tell the bigger story.

Soooo...speaking of combining (also referred to as 'compounding') you are asking yourself, "Can I "throw" an oscillating beater?" and the answer is a resounding YES!

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