Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Introducing - The Artiste Faders

The Artiste Palette - Faders

I keep getting asked more than anything else, if my Artiste Suite can do fades?. Not sure why people keep asking me that after what I've shown.? I would think people would assume that if I can do  hard stuff, I would surely include the easy stuff...BUT...I get that faders are cool and one of the 'must have',  features like particles, movers, set-rezzers, sequencing, emoting, stripping, outfit-changing, formations, etc

People don't think we have a mover? Again, not sure why. It can be seen in many of the Artiste Videos. We just don't make a big fuss about it. Maybe we should make more noise about it? Anyway you can see or movers in: Sisters, State of Shock, Call of the Siren, The Sacrifice,... we have about half-a-dozen ways to move an avatar. Our movers have also been used by others in live shows. And i guess with all the fuss, its deserving of a demo video. On my to-do-list. Check!

So anyways, here I've been thinking I had to stand on my head and attempt to walk on gravy in order to get peoples attention and all I had to do was show we could do simple fading. Hmmm!?. Well sometimes its the little things that count the most and 'less is more' and all that jazz. I get all that. So without further ado...to finally put this question to rest once and for all, (just/kidding)...without further ado...OUR FADER!!!

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