Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First New ARTISTE GOLD User Success Story!

A big shout out of CONGRATULATIONS and SUCCESS to our 1st new Artiste GOLD user  Kat Feldragonne with her 1st completed routine! She was the 1st official owner of the Artiste. She'd been asking for it for a long time and I kept telling her no. From her experience with the SILVER edition I didn't think she would hang in there with the GOLD that was more involved by a magnitude. I was wrong. I stand corrected. Here's to 'second chances'. And it may well be that at the time, the SILVER didn't have enough bells and whistles to command sustained interest so I will put that on me.

Here is a link to her blog which has a video of her routine.


What can happen when you hang in there. There is really a light at the tunnel. No its not an oncoming train.

While it may not seem all that whiz-bang visually, realize it forms the foundation of the Artiste and from a performers perspective it was/is a very rewarding experience due to the advanced control. That of coordinating activities with events so that things happen when you want them to with associated significance.

She used 2 Palettes for the dancers and 4 Palettes for the gingerbread men.

1) Also note that this is just one HUD on her screen.
2) Her fade times were adjustable and chosen by her.
3) He speed of rotation was chosen by her.
4) Her speed of the tip-ups were chosen by her
5) She combined tipping up with rotation all in the same Palette but triggered by the HUD to happen at separate times.
6) Curtain was controlled by her. No more depending on others to open the curtain when you want. Curtain has built-in unqueued double-click prevention, filtered-user control, and also gives a busy status and completion status. 
7) She controlled 2 dance sequences (2 groups) using our AB sequencing methodology.

This was a very ambitious first time attempt. Big Kudos. I don't expect everyone's first routine to be this intricate but it does show what drive, determination, and dogged determination can do. And I really must add emphasis and the significance of  her ability to sit down and actually 'read' most of the manuals from cover-to-cover prior to touching any part of the Artiste. I in no way expect that to be the norm. But hats off. Here's to the added rewards of being an English Major. Salutes! That must have helped to fill in a lot of gaps.

So know that...it can be done.


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