Sunday, October 10, 2021

Artiste StoryTeller`



Artiste proudly presents a new suite of tools called StoryTeller.

The purpose of StoryTeller is to offer dance newbies a chance to more easily emulate features that affect object-behavior, object-appearance, and object-avatar interaction as performed by seasoned choreographers without having to:

1 - ask advanced choreographers for help, or 

2 - find an existing script on Marketplace, or 

3 - find a friend who scripts to create a specific script for you, or 

4 - get someone to modify an existing script for you.

It is one stop-shopping.  Multiple features in one place. Learn one syntax. One channel.

Here is a link to a 17-minute abbreviated demo video overview of most of the features: 

StoryTeller Demo Video


What you get  in the box: The following 4 tools:



1Artiste Async - At the heart of StoryTeller are 2 scripts and 1 notecard.  We call this box Artiste Async. Drop the scripts and notecard in the object you want to control. Then send commands to it. Send from a command-scheduler or from a pre-assigned button or type command in local chat

The other 3 tools you get are NOT required but make developing with your Async SOOOO MUCH EASIER.


2 - Artiste Async Trainer - sends commands to the StoryTeller script(s)


3 - Artiste Relay - used for a couple of RLV-related special commands for 


4 - Artiste MessageBoard - used to display command syntax as well as optionally inform audience of key story information.



1 - No more script editing. 

2 - Learn one general syntax format.

3 - Commands have their own independent time-line.

4 - All commands work on a single customizable channel.

5 - Working command-lines can be saved and recalled with menu button.

6 - Many commands can effect a single link

7 - Movers not needed for object movement.

8 - Online Reference Manual.

9 - Sample Videos.

10 - Classroom Instruction.

11 - One-on-One help is available.

12 - Free Updates.

13 - Pre-Purchase Q&A Sessions offered.

14 - Upgrade Path.

UPDATE to questions asked on Oct 10th:

Q: Does it require the Artiste Performance HUD?
A: NO.

Q: Can it move objects without movers?

Q: Can we click one button to start our routine and then the entire series of events will happen at their scheduled times? If you can send a command to trigger a particle then you can send a command to trigger StoryTeller-Async


Q: How much does it cost?
A: 550 L


Interested parties please register for a pre-purchase Q&A session.

Contact: Lat Lovenkraft

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