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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Artiste Animesh Desert - One Group "A"

The following is a quick video proof-of-concept demo of the integration of Animesh and 

With one HUD you can control a mixture of up to 9 avatars and Animesh in any combination.

With 2 HUDS you can control up to 18 avatars and Animesh. 

Artiste Animesh Desert - One Group "A"

There are 3 posts at our website on the implementation of Animesh with Artiste to introduce you to our chosen method of implementation

Animesh 101
Animesh 102

Animesh 103

The appeal to me of Animesh is the ease with which to choreograph routines with a lot of dancers without imposing on our friends to help us out or be available while we are experimenting and learning.

One downside is that the Animesh are prim-heavy.  These particular Animesh characters were 58 prims each.

Also there are currently not a lot of Animesh types or choices of costumes and outfits for them so we are currently limited.

There was a challenge to syncing Animesh and avatars.  We use Division Palette Change (dynamic grouping change) over long running dance sequences to mitigate the problem.

Different Animesh can be doing different dance sequences at the same time.  In this demo they are all doing the same dance sequence at the same time.

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