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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Oh, the subtle things...

Video: Blade Runner Tribute

There are so many wonderful things that The Artiste can do for live performance, but I can't stress stronly enough what an incredible tool it is for machinima in Secondlife too.

I think I have mentioned before how valuable is is to have an action sequencer which is so precise that you can run it over and over again with true results while you cover different camera angles.

What I perhaps went unsaid is the little things that you would take for granted in making a real life video.  With human beings, you can just instruct them what to do.  Sit here, stand here, walk from A to B.  Most of the time they do exactly what you ask.

Our little replicants in SL are not so pliable.  Trying to get someone to walk in a particular way AND smoothly is a nightmare without any kind of set up.  So that one little clip where Rachel walks towards Deckard with her iconic wiggle is all down to the Artiste.  The frame rate wibbled a bit, but that actual mover walk she did was perfect everytime.  No sliding, no skipping.

And that owl?   An owl texture from Sanna Animated Textures, attached to a palette.

Standing "actors" where you want them to be, making them sit exactly as you want; all the subtle things that make your life easier.

Now go create something wonderful.

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