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Come on, tell us what's in it, Yummy? - Introducing: The Artiste Performer Series, The Artiste Producer Series, and....the...Artiste Features last.

Someone said I'd been sort of secretive about it all. That person was right. I have been.  But my days of hide-and-seek and paranoia are over. 

After 4 years in the basement...I am finally being released.

I am letting the cat out of the bag. It is time. Let it be. And of course, I owe it to those wanting to make an informed buying decision. 

Usually the 'what' is presented first. Sometimes I function against the norm for various reasons. This was one of those times. I addressed some of the 'how' and the 'why', first

1) Had my 1st sale today. WOOHOO! 1 Performer Series sold.
2) It is a Release Candidate meaning, it is no longer BETA but not for general release.  Releasable to people I know who I feel deemed appropriate for it at this point in its life and  will work closely WITH me should there be any unforeseen gotchas or overlooked missing bits.

Performer Series (25,000 L)

Below are the key components (the what) of the Artiste Performer Series, intended for the on-stage performer, be they dancer, actor, tribute band, model, or other on-stage entertainer.

  • PE00 - Artiste - Informational Notecards (BOX)
  • PE01 - Artiste - Books (18 Manuals) (BOX)
  • PE02 - Artiste - HUD-2-HUD Updater (BOX)
  • PE03 - Artiste - Mover Stuff RC1 (BOX)
  • PE04 - Artiste - Performance HUD GOLD RC1 v9.10 (copy/mod) (BOX)
  • PE05 - Artiste - Palette RC1 (copy/mod) (BOX)
  • PE06 - Artiste - Set Rezzer Set (copy/mod) RC1 (BOX)
  • PE07 - Artiste - Training Demo AddOns (BOX) (outfits, adorns, specials)
  • PE08 - Artiste - Levitators (BOX)
  • PE09 - Artiste - Follower Relay RC1
  • PE10 - Artiste - Stage HUD
  • PE11 - Artiste - StageSight (mod) (BOX)
  • 1 FREE Coupon for Particle Studio (999L)

Producer Series (25,000 L)

Below are the key components (the what) of the Artiste Producer Series, intended for the venue owners, producers, stage-managers, directors. These items are defined as only needing one instance per venue. They are what any performer, either soloist or group-leader, would need 'exclusive access to' during their performance. All of these items were born out of necessity (and frustration) from real world experience.

  • PR01 - Logo for Artiste Pick
  • PR02 - Artiste - Curtain Detector (2 NOCOPY/MOD/NOTRANS)
  • PR03 - Artiste - TipJar Detector (2 NOCOPY/MOD/NOTRANS)
  • PR04 - Artiste - Stage Detector (2 NOCOPY/MOD)
  • PR05 - Artiste - StageSight (2 NOCOPY/MOD)
  • PR06 - Artiste - Director (2 NOCOPY/MOD)
  • PR07 - Artiste - DanceDiva - Controller (2 NOCOPY)
  • PR08 - Artiste - Message Board (COPY/MOD/NOTRANS)
  • PR09 - Artiste - TipJar  (COPY/MOD/NOTRANS)
  • PR10 - Artiste - AutoCam - Controller (NOCOPY/MOD)
  • PR11 - Artiste - AutoCam - Audience Script (COPY/NOTRANS)
  • PR12 - Artiste - Follower Relays (25 NOCOPY/Trans)
  • PR13 - Artiste - Curtain (2 NOCOPY/NOTRANS)
  • PR14 - Artiste - HUD (NO-COPY/MOD)

Features List

And now the Features List for both Producer and Performer Series. (there are a good number of features unlisted that are combined inside of other items). May God have mercy on your souls.

1) Auto-Stripping
2) Auto-Adorning
3) Auto-Emoting
4) Auto-Sequencing (SequenceOnPlay) 
5) Instant Pose
6) Instant Sequence Play using "S" button
7) HUD Minimize
8) Dance Caching
9) Manual: Sequence Start/Stop
10) Final Pose - (Now triggered by "A" button (for After)
11) Instant Initial Pose triggering - Triggered by 'F' button
12) Manual Adorn
13) Intellibooks, classes, one-on-ones, blog
14) Instant Direction-Facing, Absolute
15) Ability to remove just 1 of several layers or attachments on a body part
16) Ability to remove and add   layer or  attachments at same time, same event
17) No inventory window required to be open for doing costume stripping
18) Manual Item removal and Group-Item (i.e. shoes)  removal

18) Auto-Announcing - Can also use it to double no. of emotes from 12 to 24
19) Auto-FX - Full - External Control of Palette and other devices 
20) Auto-Follower -  (FollowStart, FollowStop) & PALETTE

21)  Master Set Rezzer includes manual, with copyable scripts
22) Manual as well as HUD-controllable (using AutoFX) custom SetRezzer with up to 5 set successive auto-crossfades (forward and/or reverse) along with simultaneous set-rez (not available in standard rezzers),: DoubleExposure,Show,Hide,AutoKill,Single SetSelectable, FadeIn, FadeOut, Advance, Retard, ComeHome 
23) HUD-Chaining for when you need additional events (more than 22)
24) SmartChange - Micro-Controlled outfit-change ordering
25) Communicates to DanceDiva - Group Formation HUD

26) Communicates to our custom Stage HUD - isolating stage control to the one logged in performer or group-lead
27) External Device Control thru custom channel
28) Communicates to our custom Stage Director - screens group controlling via Stage HUD or direct touch
29) Communicates to our designated lights and our own custom lights via PALETTE, custom tip-jar script, custom curtain script
30) Group Adorn - Coordinated outfit additions

31) Controls and plays Sounds from inside Director
32) Can start and stop media
33) Costume Exclusions
34) Costume Anchors 
35) Includes several free scripted rezzables: Silhouette Ball, Spotlight, Silly Ball, Long Box, Cylinder, Phone Booth, Changing Screen, Orb Glow

36) Customizable FX-Masked Costume Changing
37) Can avoid most (but not all) notecard configuring by using the HUD menu system.
38) Built-in Avatar Invisibility
39) Special Event Zero and event #21 for things you always do before and after a routine with pre-lead-times and post-delay times
40) Ability to strip without creating RLV folder (but does require RLV enabling)
41) Multiple AutoFXs per event allowed 

42) Many functions have configurable lead, hold/on,  and delay time offsets
43) Send separate dance sequences to 4 definable dance groups (A,B,C and D) or 1,2,3,4
44) Use NickName for emotes, 
45) Send Emotes to Relay device on special channel (for extending chat beyond 100 meters)

46) Direct Emotes to local chat or IM
47) Group Stripping via a negative Adorn
48) Send commands region-wide
49) Auto-Teleport, Auto-Rebake, Auto-Tattoo Layering as part of SmartChange
50) Chooseable auto-animations for start and end of costume-change

51) Effects Spin  
52) Effects Coloring 
53) Selectable FX-Costume Masking time
54) HUD controllable via external Chat
55) HUD is Copy/Mod - save pre-configured with your (initial) show outfit

56) HUD-2-HUD transfer script Included for easily transferring items between 2 HUDs (good for version upgrades)
57) GroupPlay - Invoke Play of another HUD
58) GroupStop -  Stop another HUD or HUDs
59) GroupStrip
60) GroupAdorn - wearing of layers and attachments

61) Controls an advanced version of the Opera Glasses and triggers viewing angles at event times
62) Synchronous and Asynchronous Group Sequencing with new CD added

With the Artiste Palette Add-On you can;

63 - Fade-In Palette
64 - Fade-Out Palette
65 - Move Palette multiple times

66 - Move an Avatar multiple steps
67 - Move a specific range of moves 
68 - Flash a Palette Once via animated texture
69 - Flash a Palette constantly at random intervals
70 - Blink a Palette - changing its on/off time and on/off color

71 - Turn a light beam on/off
72 - Turn the light effect on/off
73 - Change color of light effect
74 - Change color of light beam
75 - Palette becomes any particle effect

76 - Palette becomes one of built in particle effects (Fire)
77 - Invoke actions from one Palette to other Palettes
78 - Trigger Palette actions from inside the dance sequencer
79 - Test Palette on some features without creating a HUD *autofx
80 - Trigger Palette from HUD *autofx

81 - Topple a Palette (cause it to fall over)
82 - Throw a Palette - Throw it at an target using 1 or 2 phases with a plethora of customizable parameters allowing for physical and non physical propulsion
83 - Change a Palettes material properties at showtime: physics, density, gravity, friction, phantom, bounce
84 - Change a Palettes physics
85 - Show/Hide Palette

86 - Start and stop a Palettes rotation
87 - Oscillate a Palettes transparency via Fade-In/Fade-out
88 - Oscillate a Palettes scale via Grow/Shrink 
89 - Apply a texture
90 - Start and Stop an animated texture

91 - Turn Palette into a light assigning: color, intensity, falloff, radius
92 - Rez an object
93 - Kill a rezzed object
94 - Adorn an item inside Palette timing like during a move step
95 - Assign a FinalMovePose

96 - Create syncopated rotation with stepped movements - like a watch second-hand gear
97 - Change Color of Palette at showtime
98 - Change Transparency of Palette at showtime
99 - Catch an object that has "fallen"or been "thrown"
100 - Drop an object that is attached to avatar

101 - Drop an object that is unattached to an avatar
102 - Assign a default sit animation
103 - Assgin a default stand animation - handy for smooth palette exits
104 - Force avatar to sit on an object 
105 - Change a Palette into a follow object like a followspotlight

106 - Make the palette follow an avatar of object
107 - Make the Palette go to an avatar or object
108 - Turn Palette into a silhouette
109 - Tip Palette forward and backward
110 - Make Palette Glow

111 - Instant Raise and Lower without creating a mover
112 - Change scale of palette
113 - Slow Turn Left and Right or 180
114 - Change the style of the light effect
115 - Sit-2-Sit Transfer - - swap Palettes

116 - Palette-based Formation Movement
117 - Specify actions to take upon collision start and end
118 - Specify an action to perform at same time as  doing a Palette mover
119 - DanceDiva Formation Controller - Places avatars in formations and performs formation-2-formation transitioning
120 - PracticeSite-to-LiveStage rotation reorientation

121 - Shatter a Palette into pieces
122 - Artiste DanceDiva Follower Relay
123 - Artiste MasterPiece - play several middle sections of dances back to back
124 - Artiste PieceMaker - start an animation after the beginning - easy connection-point deciphering
125 - Artiste Light  

126 - Artiste DanceTimer
127 - Artiste Curtain 
128 - Artiste Message Board 
129 - Artiste Levitator

Artiste Performance HUD GOLD
Artiste Palette 
Artiste Avatar Mover 
Artiste Markers
Artiste Anchor
Artiste Marker Controller
Artiste Master Set-Rezzer (Scripts & NCs)
Artiste Child Rezzer Script
Artiste FX Emitter
Artiste Director 
Artiste TipJar
Artiste Anchor 
Artiste Stage HUD 
Artiste Stage Occupancy Detector
Artiste Curtain Detector
Artiste StageSight (AutoCam)
Artiste AutoCam Controller
Artiste Autocam Audience Script 
Jemmas HUD-2-HUD Transfer

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