Saturday, November 22, 2014

NEW! StageSight v3.1 - Multiple-Venue Version

The new StageSight PLUS 3.1a

So I tried my own Artiste previously released StageSight v2.5b (in the audience) at a live show and found myself unhappy with just the one view and ended up adjusting it anyways. It would be good for a performer as you only need 1 general wide-angle view if you are backstage or on the stage performing and you just need a general idea of what is going on.

But I was in the audience and got the idea to flip the idea of the original OperaGlasses introduced to the Dance Community years agofrom venue-centric (venue provided 6 fixed viewing angles) , to audience-centric, (the audience member captures and configures their own viewing goggles and has stored settings for each of their favorite venue).

That is what StageSight PLUS is all about.

You can store up to 11 sets of your favorite venues. Each set includes a zoom range defined by 2 view. The HUD creates 3 extra interpolated camera-views inside your manually captured inner and outer view. Now you can zoom in and out or select a particular zoom level directly. You can also capture the location of the TipJar and quickly switch to it and back again. No introduced jittering because you manually cammed from point-A to point-B and lost performer sync. If you don't have 11 venues, then double up or triple up and and add extra views to your favorite venue(s).

Product is now available on StageSight PLUS 3.1a

For information on how to capture and store your own custom angles, see the StageSight v2.5b video. 

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