Sunday, November 16, 2014

Introducing the Artiste StageSight

Well the ball has started rolling...God help us now.

We start off with a handy device born of necessity, as is the case with most all of our products.

The Artiste StageSight. If you are familiar with the OperaGlasses, its the same thing (a mini-hud with 3 buttons) only with one view instead of 6 for simple quick backstage to front-stage viewing. 

Instructional video above and also comes with an illustrated IntelliBook.

This product is also included in the Artiste Performer Series and Artiste Producer Series and you will receive a refund if/when you purchase either. It is an important part of both series and has other users for those owning either or both Series.

The item comes boxed (NoCopy/Mod) and is available on MarketPlace StageSight On Marketplace
as well as in-world Artiste Main Store at Auradacious (when you arrive go left around the corner into Auradacious and take the teleporter to the 2nd floor)

Yeah yeah, I know, Yummy never has her products available like normal people do. Well for all you naysayers..nya nya nya nya.

Also ask to join our support group so you can stay abreast of the upcoming products as well as updates.

More to come...

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

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  1. BTW. I have a new update already Artiste StageSight v2.6. You simply take a 2nd maximum zoomed in angle and add a 2nd entry on the *camparams and it gives you 5 in-between zoom depths. there are 2 new buttons on the menu ZOOM_IN and ZOOM_OUT. And STAGE remembers last zoom-depth