Monday, November 3, 2014

Demo Videos and Their Influence on the Decision to Purchase


After pondering my discussions with all those who have expressed interest in purchasing the Artiste Performer Series and/or the Artiste Producer Series, it appears that the demo videos are having NO, ZERO, NADA, affect on their decision to purchase. Long story short...they are being viewed little or not at all, even though the blog views exceed 1,000. There seems no desire to visually see what it can do.  Peoples decisions to purchase seems to come from an emotional center based on a 'confidence vibe', for lack of a better term that I can think of. No one has asked what it can do other than, can it fade? There has been indirect interest in its ability to 'move an avatar'. Some indirect  expression of appreciation for an all-in-one, single-hud solution. And some early excitement over the "thrower" and "set rezzer". But real dialogue and interest about specifics on the myriad of offerings seems be lacking.

Yes I was shocked too, but this is a learning process for me on how and why people make a decision to buy. This is an unusual product assembly and release methodology so it is forming its own purchase-identity.

So I will hereby cease making the demo videos public and from here on out they will take more the form of how-to-videos and will be made available exclusively to product-owners only. I have about 10 more planned. 

The Artiste GOLD Release Candidate #1, Performer Series and Producer Series will be enjoying a limited release sometime this week. YAY! Nervous but exciting times.

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


  1. Well, that sucks for me - since I was actually watching all the videos. :( I think perhaps it's hard to know what questions to ask if you don't own the product - most people learn best by actually 'doing.' And until you try something, you don't know what you don't know. :)

  2. You watched ALL the videos? What did you get out of them. I think you are the only one.Yes I get that eventually it comes to 'hands on'. Yes there's a lot you won't know at the beginning because it is stuffed with everything I ever saw anyone do. Yes the 2nd half of the trek will be the challenge of enabling people to use it, whatever that means or whatever effort it takes. I was told, and I now agree, that it has the makings of college course. How many quarters, 2, 3, maybe even 4 quarters. Its that much info. I am still finding things in it that I had forgotten about. The GOLD version isn't easier than the SILVER. Its HARDer. Much harder. But it is WAY more a magnitude. I am curious to know what you thougtht of the videos?

  3. Well I must retract my former statement. It turns out that at least 2 people who have chosen to act on a purchase, WERE influenced by 2 of the videos which was the primary motivator to act. So I shall resume posting relevant and informative videos that highlight and illuminate more of the key features of the Artiste Suite